Vocational training

With a skill-building education in our company, you gain a solid foundation for your occupational future. At several locations in Switzerland and in Germany, we train young individuals to become proficient in various occupations. The Collano Group as a whole offers 22 vocational education and training positions.

The curriculum is focused on occupational and social competencies.
During your training period with us, you are integrated in a team. You will receive competent guidance from experienced professionals and coaches as well as collegial support from 2nd and 3rd year trainees.

Apprenticeships in Sempach Station and Sursee

Contact: Heidi Fraefel,

  • Logistician EBA, 2 years
  • Logistician EFZ, 3 years

Apprenticeships in Schmitten

Contact: Edith Fasel,

  • Plastics processor EBA, 2 years
  • Plastics technician, 4 years
  • Logistician EFZ, 3 years
  • Business administrator, 3 years

Apprenticeships in Buxtehude

Contact: Gaby Jansen,

  • Industrial business administrator
  • Warehouse logistics coordinator
  • Mechanical process engineer

A typical day at work

If you would like to work in an innovative and cordial environment, send your application to our human resources department. Spend an open-house day with us to gain and make a first impression.