Custom manufacturing customer formulas

The latest edition of our customer magazine Facet reveals how we scale up processes from the lab to industrial production, and why high-tech company Rolic chooses to work with Emerell.

Emerell produces with modern pilot lines represantive samples.

Customer manufacturer Emerell presented the second edition of its customer magazine Facet at the FEICA European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and EXPO 2016 in Vienna. This issue gives an insight into Emerell’s rich expertise in mixing and blending technology, and how it goes about scaling up to industrial production in constant consultation with the customer.

The latest Facet also contains an account by Dr Andreas Schuster, Chief of Supply Chain at Rolic Technologies, of why high-tech company Rolic chooses to work with Emerell. And there’s an interview with Norbert Bazelli, Executive Manager Global Markets at Emerell, describing the many advantages of custom manufacturing, and Emerell’s plans for the future.

Read the latest edition of Facet here.