Innovative manufacturing processes and effective partnerships

This year’s edition of the Fribourg Network Freiburg business magazine showcases innovative companies in Fribourg. It includes a report on Emerell’s exciting business model as a production partner for chemical specialities.

Emerell's blown film extrusion in Schmitten.
Emerell’s blown film extrusion in Schmitten.

Once a year the Fribourg Development Agency publishes Fribourg Network Freiburg (FNF), a business magazine in three languages. This year’s edition is devoted to innovation, looking at the theme from the point of view of product innovation, process innovation, and innovative approaches to markets.

The magazine features reports from more than 40 Fribourg businesses on the strategies they’ve come up with to stand out from the crowd and flourish in the global market. This includes a report from Emerell. The company gives an insight into the business model it has adopted as an independent partner for the industrial manufacture of high-end adhesives and speciality polymers, describes its approach to optimising manufacturing processes, and presents its views on the importance of partnerships. You can read the portrait here.