Reliable manufacturing partner

We accompany you from the first test onto the market launch and further development of your products.

Perfect preparation for the great moment

As a competent partner for process engineering, Emerell supports you in your first tests on a laboratory and pilot scale as well as in the transfer of your production to industrial scales (scale-up).

Our competences

We offer technical support for the first tests, market launch, regular production as well as for the development of your products. Our team of experienced process engineers, chemists and mechanical engineers plans and carries out the tests in close consultation with you. We clarify the technical and economic feasibility and provide you with samples for your own tests. Test waste and residual substances will be disposed of properly.

Our lines

  • pilot lines for chemical reactions (50 and 100 kg)
  • pilot lines for mixing technique (10, 40 and 150 kg)
  • pilot lines for cast film and blown film extrusion (several layers)

Our references

  • perfumed additives for the detergent industry
  • feasibility studies for low-viscosity pre-polymers
  • breathable adhesive films for the textile industry