Forward-looking technologies

With us you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing your polymer specialties and high-quality adhesives.

A great instinct for polymer specialties

As an experienced manufacturing partner for cast film extrusion, Emerell assists you where micrometres and extraordinary properties are crucial for the success of your products.

Our competences

We offer high-quality mono- and multilayer cast film extrusion. Our specialties are the processing of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) and extrusion coating. With our modern lines we can manufacture films which are up to 2,080 mm wide and 17 to 500 µm thick. In addition, we can draw on many years of experience in the extrusion of complex polymers, ranging from different polyolefins and co-polyesters, co-polyamides, onto TPUs and combinations of these.

Our lines

  • mono cast film lines
  • cast film line for laboratory and pilot extrusion up to 250 mm wide
  • cutting lines