Forward-looking technologies

With us you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing your polymer specialties and high-quality adhesives.


As a full custom manufacturer we support you in your sophisticated manufacturing processes. In the following you will find several examples of services which are offered exclusively by Emerell. Our newsletter informs you regularly about the further expansion of our service range.


Extrusion coating

As a reliable partner for extrusion coating, Emerell supports you when you want to break new technological ground with your products.


Slot-perforated blown films

Wherever it is important that your film is flexible and air-permeable for the application, Emerell is there for you as a reliable partner.

Emerell Sempach-Station

VeoVa monomers

Emerell provides you with expert support for the production of individual products with low residual monomer quantities.

Emerell Sempach-Station

Primacor dispersions

For highquality Primacor dispersions in small and large quantities, Emerell is the right manufacturing partner for you.

Emerell Sempach-Station

Aqueous polymerisation

As a reliable manufacturing partner, Emerell helps you create specific dispersions in small quantities.

emerell: Smaragd #4


As a manufacturing partner, Emerell specialises in the production of pre-polymers according to your specific application requirements.

emerell: fact sheet

1-component adhesive

As an experienced manufacturing partner, Emerell guarantees you that the production of your 1-component adhesives (1C-PUR) will be a success.

Overview of Emerell’s technologies

Information about our other services can be found on the following technology pages: