Forward-looking technologies

With us you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing your polymer specialties and high-quality adhesives.

Flexible production of Primacor solutions

For high-quality Primacor dispersions in small and large quantities, Emerell is the right manufacturing partner for you.

Our competences

We specialise in the production of Primacor dispersions. Here we bring the thermoplastic and adhesive Primacor properties into liquid form. The production of Primacor dispersions is an established technology which requires a lot of experience and the necessary lines for processing. Thanks to our competences, the solutions remain stable and high-quality for a long time. We are able to produce Primacor dispersions from 100 kilogrammes up to 4 tons according to your specific formula. There is a large selection of options at your disposal for filling: from bottles, buckets, hobbocks and barrels onto intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

Our customers

With the production of Primacor dispersions we target the following customers:

  • with our help, formulators that already work with Primacor can produce flexible quantities.
  • we help companies that specialise in the manufacturing of coating solutions develop more efficient manufacturing processes with custom dosage forms of Primacor.


Our lines

  • mixing lines in different sizes
  • laboratory and pilot lines
  • tanks for liquid raw materials and semi-finished products, such as pre-polymers (10 to 25 m3)

Neutralising agents

For the production of Primacor dispersions we use the following bases:

1. Ammonia (liquid, gaseous)
2. Sodium hydroxide solution
3. Potassium hydroxide solution
4. Organic bases

Advice and support

Our team of experienced process engineers, chemists and mechanical engineers supports you in the first tests, regular production and also further development of your products. We clarify the technical and economic feasibility and provide you with samples for your own tests. We dispose of test waste and residual substances properly for you.