Forward-looking technologies

With us you will find a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing your polymer specialties and high-quality adhesives.

Customer-specific pre-polymers from 100 kilogrammes

As a manufacturing partner, Emerell specialises in the production of pre-polymers according to your specific application requirements.

Our competences

We support you in the manufacture of pre-polymers with specific application-related properties. We have well-founded knowledge in the processing of reactive polymers and carry out reactions of polyol with isocyanate compounds according to your formula. With our lines, large scale productions and also smaller quantities from 100 kilogrammes can be made. There is a large selection of options at your disposal for filling: from buckets, barrels and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) onto tank lorries.

Our customers

With the production of pre-polymers we target the following customers:

  • we help producers who use reactive mixing techniques make their products achieve higher-quality products with specific properties.
  • with our help, producers of 1C-PUR formulations develop specific pre-polymers to optimise the product quality and properties for particular applications.
  • we help producers who want to maintain and optimise their capacities for major campaigns by outsourcing smaller production volumes of specialties.


Possible properties of your pre-polymers

  • chemical and mechanical stability
  • high flexibility
  • good substrate adhesion
  • modified reactivity

Advice and support

Our team of experienced process engineers, chemists and mechanical engineers supports you in the first tests, regular production and also further development of your products. We clarify the technical and economic feasibility and provide you with samples for your own tests. We dispose of test waste and residual substances properly for you.

Our lines

  • mixing lines with temperature control, dispersion disk, propeller mixer and anchor mixer
  • laboratory and pilot lines
  • tanks for raw materials
  • tanks for finished products and semi-finished products

Modification options

Own-developed pre-polymers give interesting product options:

1. Selection of isocyanate
2. Selection of catalyst
3. Selection of polyol
4. Possible further formulation