Trusted partner for your contract manufacturing - Company portrait

The production of quality products is in the right hands with Emerell.

Emerell is an independent medium-sized family business, which is a 100% contract manufacturer specialized in the production of chemical-technical products.

Emerell has its roots in the adhesives industry. The core competencies and decades of experience at Emerell are mixing technology, polymerization and scale-up.

Emerell's services are aimed at large companies and SMEs that wish to outsource part of their production. Start-ups that do not yet have their own production facilities are also among the target customers.

Emerell supports its customers with high flexibility, reliability and certified processes in the realization of innovative product solutions - from the first test to industrial production. Emerell comes into play during market introduction, bridging capacity bottlenecks, test productions prior to major investment decisions or in case of a breakdown of production facilities.

Emerell employs 50 people at its site in Sempach Station, Switzerland. All of them are trained, trusted specialists with a sure instinct for special technologies.

Take a look behind the scenes at Emerell.