Emerell - much more than a contract producer!

Contract manufacturing from A - Z Why is contract manufacturing not equal to job order production? And what is the difference between these seemingly interchangeable terms?

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In this issue of Facette, we examine these questions, which we consider to be very interesting and decisive, among others.

But now to the different details:
If you look around on the Internet, a contract manufacturer is described as a company or even more concretely as a supplier who produces goods to order and on behalf of third parties. This is often mentioned or justified in connection with cost savings. This description is of a transactional nature and can be switched on and off on demand. Risks and chances as well as trust as a basis for a sustainable and resilient partnership are not the main focus here.
As a contract manufacturer, Emerell works closely and permanently with its customers. We are in constant contact and together we are in a position to cover the most diverse steps of the value-added chain. We accompany our customers and their projects from start to finish. As an agile partner with a high level of technical competence and mature production know-how, we are able to react immediately to upcoming problems and decisions. From procurement to storage or delivery of the manufactured products, everything is conceivable and desired! The customer and his success are our focus: We are flexible and able to adapt to individual customer requirements. And this regardless of the technology in which we work with our customers.
Due to our organisation and many years of experience, we are a competent partner at eye level. The breadth and diversity of our customer base is impressive and lasting proof of this. And of course this also applies to the development of new markets for us. Our well-proven and standardized product development process is the backbone for maximum success. Our cooperation often begins with a small project, in which we get to know and trust each other. And on this basis, the next steps or follow-up projects soon develop - for a long and successful cooperation. Emerell - the future of your production!