Safety at Work = Safety in Technical Chemistry II

Safety measures for the mixing equipment are important, but the rest of the work environ-ment also has to be safe, clean and accessible to carry out efficient, customer-focused toll-ing work.

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With this in mind the cleaning station has been moved from the outer hall into the production facility itself and further enhanced: with a metal plate replacing the previous wooden worktop it’s now easier to clean after the various parts have been cleaned. The shelf by the production wall has now also been modified with sheet metal and rearranged. This gives each employee a clear overview of what has to be done on the mixing units over the entire week. In addition it provides information on where the relevant manufacturing rules, including labels and bills of materials, for the two mixing units are to be found. All in all, a real gain in tolling efficiency. Emerell: the future of your production.


Daniel Krieger, Team Head Mixing


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