Emerell is an independent, medium-sized family enterprise that in 2008 spun off from a traditional adhesives company to specialise exclusively in toll manufacturing. As a pure provider of manufacturing services, Emerell does not market its own products, concentrating exclusively on the production of industrial speciality chemicals.

Our values


In our endeavour to create and innovate things we tread unfamiliar paths and take risks. We know what we want, and work to change tomorrow’s world for the better.


We know our strengths and advocate our skills and capabilities with conviction, both inside and outside our organisation.


As experts in our field of business we have exceptional knowledge and an outstanding ability to solve problems.


We gear the whole way we think and work to long-term objectives. We base our collaboration with business partners on sustainable relationships.


We take a positive view of people. We’re cooperative and appreciative, treating our partners as equals, with respect and consideration.

Your contact

Heidi Fraefel

Head of Corporate Center Sempach Station

T +41 41 469 91 00

Emerell Fraefel Heidi 542