A leader in flat film extrusion for products with exceptional properties

Emerell has state-of-the-art mono- and multilayer flat film extrusion lines that meet the most stringent requirements.

At our Buxtehude facility in Germany we have cutting-edge pilot and production lines. Coupled with our rich know-how in process technology, this equips us for flat film extrusion meeting the highest standards. The combined physical and/or chemical properties of co-extruded films and coatings for web-shaped materials provide unique practical advantages for a very wide range of applications.

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Günther Spaeth

Business Development Manager Extrusion

T +49 2335 8474 903

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Monolayer flat film lines
Multilayer flat film lines
Flat film line for lab and pilot extrusion for widths of up to 250mm
Multilayer flat film line for lab and pilot extrusion for widths of up to 500mm
Cutting equipment


Emerell’s special product development process plays a key role in planning, all the way from the first customer enquiry to the finished product. 

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