From the first tests to industrial scale

As a competent partner for process engineering, we support our customers in the initial trials, on pilot equipment and in the transfer of production to industrial scales.

Emerell works according to a standardized planning and control process for every customer inquiry. It guarantees a high degree of reproducibility and transparency of all work steps and responsibilities. The client is always involved in the process and can follow every step of the work.

What challenges need to be mastered for successful scaling in polymerization?

Temperature control and dissipation

In scaling, the volume increases disproportionately to the area of the outer wall of a reactor or vessel. Temperatures that can still be absorbed by the environment in the laboratory have to be handled in a new way on a larger scale. The influencing factors are diverse. A complete interplay of stirring, vessel and calculations leads to a safe process. Emerell's specialists use their skills, experience and intuition.

Stirring geometries & stirring technologies

Splashes on the vessel wall, which fall from there back into the vessel, can lead to contamination. Agitators and baffles that specifically generate vortices must prevent this. Emerell's specialists are always able to draw on their experience in this area.


Filtration should guarantee a homogeneous and residue-free solution. Here, too, experience and technologies play a role: coarse filtration removes residues. Filtration fineness is always a compromise between customer requirements, viscosity and effort. The finer the filtration, the higher the effort (time, number of filters, product loss).

Quality & Viscosity

Both during mixing and polymerization, constant quality and viscosity must be ensured during scaling. The target value must be achieved on the desired production line. Thickening or thinning: the process parameters are properly adjusted by Emerell specialists. Often it is a matter of "feeling one's way around" and impossible without a great deal of experience. The customer and the application are decisive.

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